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Ab Rosala Bagaren Oy

Bread, that is made in the archipelago
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Ab Rosalabagaren Oy - then a catering company by name Ritas festservice - was founded in 1991, and just a few years later the basement bakery became the heart and focus of the company. The bakery has since a few years back been joining the Skärgårdssmak-project, and the partnership with Viking Line that started in 1997 boosted their business. The main product of the archipelago bakery is the rectangle-shaped Rosalalimpa, which can be found in many delicasy shops - from markethalls to department stores, for example like Stockmann - in Helsinki and Turku. The other main product of the bakery, the Hitis svartbröd that they got patent for in 1999, challenges the traditional "svartbröd" that the Åland Islands are famous for.

The Rosalalimpa introduces a nicely malty alternative even to many of the toprestaurants' breadbaskets. Buttermilk, flour,syrup, malt and rye are blended in right proportions, and you can taste the right touch of sunflower seeds and wheat bran. The bread can be stored for long without the taste being affected.

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